Corporate Social Responsibility

We define corporate social responsibility (CSR) as activities undertaken to assess and take responsibility for our effects on environmental and social wellbeing. By living our core values, being mindful of our impact, and developing solutions to sustain the quality and safety of our environment, we ensure that the way we do business is as meaningful as the solutions we provide.

Our Staff

Internationality is our company’s strength. GEO4A is an equal-opportunity employer and encourages diversity at the workplace. Our staff is multi-national and multi-lingual, and is highly experienced working with international partners.

Our Environment

We do our best to keep our own impact on the environment as low as possible by insisting on the use of environmentally-friendly transport vehicles, energy resources and office material. In order to monitor and permanently reduce our environmental impact, we established an environmental management system which is fully compliant with ISO 14000 standards for environmental management.

Our Social Commitment

Social commitment is a crucial basis for our successful global operations. We aim to use our know-how and experience to contribute to social peace – and stable economic development.

Our Clients

We guarantee the highest quality and best affordable price of our services towards our clients that will help them to run their company in an efficient and sustainable way.

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