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The AgroFoodCluster is renowned for its technological leadership in the AgroFood industry and includes the top growing, processing and trader companies of the Netherlands. The Cluster is consisting of 26 members representing all parts of the value chain of open cultivation with a turnover of almost 2 billion euro.

For GEO4A, the AgroFoodCluster is the key entry partner for all AgroFood sector service establishments.

The Earth Observation Data Center (EODC) is a public-private partnership (PPP) with a mission to work together with its shareholders and multi-national partners from science, the public and private sectors in order to foster the use of earth observation (EO) data.

EODC was the first supercomputing facility dedicated to the complete storage of Europe’s Sentinel data with a highly specialised BIG DATA infrastructure to be able to process the data at its storage location.

For GEO4A, EODC is the key partner for all European public satellite data (Sentinel) processing services.


Phi-lab is a brand new division created at European Space Agency (ESA) to fully embrace New Space and became the catalyst for European based innovation within Earth Observation.

For GEO4A, the ESA Phi-Lab is the key partner to develop disruptive industrial EO solutions.

GeoVille Information Systems and Data processing GmbH is an internationally operating company, providing consultancy, services and products related to Earth observation, geo-information and geographic information systems and has over 20 years’ experience within this field.

GeoVille has profound expertise in the development, application and marketing of earth observation technologies and has major experience and expertise in large scale, operational land and agriculture monitoring applications.

For GEO4A, GeoVille is the exclusive partner for all satellite based land monitoring services.

HERMESS B.V.  is a privately owned company providing innovative solutions and environmental data to support operations at sea, development of renewable energy both onshore and offshore, and optimization in the agrofood chain. Service provision is based on the combined usage of numerical weather forecasting, in-house developed dedicated models, and assimilation of in-situ measurements and remote sensing data.

For GEO4A, Hermess is the key partner for all meteorological services.

HLB B.V. performs research, diagnostics and consultancy in agriculture. Founded in 1963 as part of Wageningen University to study the emerging problems of potato cyst nematodes, the institute has since expanded to studying plant health in the broadest sense, focusing on plants, soil and agricultural practices. In the late 1990s, the institute was privatized and continued on as a company performing both contract and independent research.

For GEO4A, HLB is the exclusive partner for all agricultural diagnostic services.

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