GEO4A featured in Aardappelwereld magazine

It's all about potatoes! We are delighted that GEO4A is featured in the latest edition of the Aardappelwereld magazine. Geo4A will deliver new services, that will help to mitigate several challenges faced by potato industry, from storage to disease monitoring, while increasing logistics and trading efficiencies. “Our partner has access to a lot of data, and it is now up to us to translate this into relevant applications in the market. Together with companies from the potato sector, we want to make this information accessible” says Paul Oomen, managing director of Geo4A.

GEO4A will enable fast, easy access to continuous business intelligence data streams for industry via machine-based technologies and will enable the integration satellite data and other information streams directly in existing industry workflows in a business-friendly format.

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GEO4A featured in Aardappelwereld magazine

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