It’s all about potatoes

GEO4A is based in the Emmeloord region where it is all about potatoes. GEO4A has a specific focus on this sector and supports companies by developing highly specialized services. Examples include:

  • (Potato) crop type mapping
  • Field size verification
  • Growth monitoring
  • Soil moisture levels
  • Vitality assessments
  • Yield forecasting


Potato crop type mapping

This service provides a classification of major crop classes or specific individual crop types in an AOI early in the season based on in-situ data from previous growing seasons.

Farm suppliers and other involved companies in the sector can use this information to optimize their work. The early season crop type detection can be updated each week with the newest satellite imagery and increased accuracy.

Field size verification

This service determines the geometry and planted area of a given field and verifies the area of planted crop in a field parcel (e.g. for licencing enforcement).

This can be used as a verfication tool as well as to derive an update on LPIS (land parcel identification system) polygons.

Crop monitoring

This service combines EO, meteorological and in-situ data (e.g. soil type) to simulate the development of crop biophysical parameters throughout a growing season. The simulation is crop type specific and most common crop types can be provided.

Such simulation is the basis of crop yield forecasting.


Soil moisture levels

The surface soil moisture product provides information about the water/ moisture content of the top few centimetres soil at local, regional or national scale.

The product can assist farmers to optimize crop production by supporting irrigation control or support governmental agencies and insurance companies to assess drought conditions.

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