How our technology works

GEO4A offers a self-service hub that allows companies to connect and integrate their own information products to a suite of Earth observation based information products to compliment and increase their business solutions, opportunities and capacity. 

The resulting information solutions allow quantification of the operational performance of specific potato value-chains - ANYWHERE / ANYTIME

GEO4A is providing access for industry operations via industry IT standards. Our system is based on Big Data IT backend infrastructures, distributed software architectures and multi-source data stream integrations with state-of-the art deep learning processing algorithms, all accessible via Application Programme Interfaces (API).

​​​​​​How our technology improves your business

“Getting the right information in the right format at the right time!”

GEO4A offers fast, direct and standardized access to EO data streams without any delays, closes the gap of information flow, removes access barriers and circumvents complicated service solutions offered by current service provisioning models.

GEO4A thereby

  • increases operation capacities,
  • increases efficiency of value chain operators,
  • enables new downstream services, and
  • enables business prospects,

that can rapidly respond directly to user driven market demands.

How to access our data streams

To access our services, we provide two types of interface solutions:

  • APIs
  • Dashboards

The following table is providing an overview, which access solution is sufficient for your business:

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