From data-driven to data-informed

As an organization, it is important not to settle for just data or just intuition. They are two sources that reinforce each other. What is the optimal balance? That is determined in particular by the state of technology. In areas where algorithms and artificial intelligence cannot yet replace intuition, it is wise to adopt ‘data-informed’ decision-making. In this approach, data is not leading – as in data-driven decision-making – but an enrichment of our own capabilities. After all, we ourselves lack the capabilities to know all the information, combine it, apply it, and work flawlessly. We do have the qualities to weigh non-measurable factors, we know explanations and can give meaning to the data. And most importantly, we can take responsibility. Data provides us with information, but we also use intuition to make decisions. So both data-driven work and working entirely on the basis of intuition have limitations. Combine the best of both to be able to make quick and thorough decisions as an organization.