About us

It's all about potatoes

Making science practical. That’s what we do.

Companies in the agricultural business use our satellite data for the monitoring and growth of potato crops and analyses of potato fields, varieties, and regions. We collect this data in real-time from satellite images, field- and meteorological data. By using our data and technological knowledge, companies in the agricultural sector know exactly where they stand and can make snap decisions in the right places at the right times. The information from this data also helps potato growers get the best possible return from their fields and contributes to sustainability.

GEO4A likes to work and develop as a team. By working closely with companies and identifying their specific needs, we can provide products and services with a customized solution.

Our team consists of people with years of knowledge and experience in agribusiness and technology. This unique combination allows us to fuse our knowledge from satellite data with our customers’ real world applications.

GEO4A was founded in 2018 by GeoVille, the global market leader in satellite based land monitoring. You can find our office in Emmeloord (NL), the potato centre of the world.

Head office

Ecopark 42
8305 BK Emmeloord
The Netherlands
T: +31(0)527-745935
E: info@geo4a.com