EO PLUG-IN looks back on a successful 2018


Before Christmas representatives from ESA, HLB, EODC, and HERMESS visited GeoVille to discuss the latest status of the EO PLUG-IN project.

The future of Earth Observation: Investigating industrial innovation


Our colleague Dr. Eva Haas has been invited to be part of a roundtable panel discussion at the ESA Earth - Φ-week event on 13th November. The ESA Earth - Φ-week is focusing on EO Open Science and Future EO and is hosted in ESA-ESRIN from the 12-16 November 2018.

Satellite data in potato fields - Potato fields managed from 700 km height


With the successful Launch of the EOPLUG-IN in July the EOPLUG-IN services are now in the next stage: Dr Eva Haas and Dr Sam Barret will bring the satellite data to the potato fields in week 45! 

Potato prices are on the rise


Europe has the highest level of potato consumption in the world at almost 90 kg per capita per year, and is the second largest potato producer globally with some 53 million tonnes harvested annually.

ESA ɸ-lab – first InCubed activity launched


With the successful EO PLUG-IN kick-off meeting on 12th July at ESRIN, Frascati, GeoVille and partners (EODC, Hermess, HLB) are first to start the InCubed programme activities at ESA’s brand new ɸ-lab.

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