Satellite-based Agri Insights

Geo-information for the agribusiness

GEO4A develops information technology services for companies in the Agribusiness based on satellite data and offers near real-time insights on parcels, crops and regions to support decision making. The company was founded in 2018 by GeoVille, a global leader in satellite-based Earth observation with over 20 years of international experience. Our team combines a unique Agribusiness background along with significant Earth Observation, data science and software development expertise. GEO4A’s mission is to support and optimize the global Agribusiness value chain through innovative satellite-based services and insights. Our vision is to contribute to more efficient and sustainable crop production and processing all around the world in cooperation with our partners and customers.

Our focus

Since the start of our activities we have a strong focus on the potato industry and collaborate closely with some of the leading companies in the potato value chain on the development of our services.

Our technology

Our services are based on the analysis and combination of satellite data, meteorological data, and field samples if available. In our processing and analysis we make use of innovative technologies such as deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Our services

Our current services include: field and parcel measurements, near real-time crop monitoring, and crop analytics to forecast yield and quality. Besides, we are also involved in the development of new services to recognize crops and varieties automatically.

Our solutions

We offer various customized solutions to our customers. Our solutions include: reports, dashboards and data via API access.

Crop monitoring

Our fully automated satellite-based crop monitoring solution HARVIC offers companies easy and fast access to insights in the performance of parcels, crops, varieties and regions. The current version of HARVIC is specially developed for the potato industry and available in two versions: essential and professional.