Geo-information for the agricultural value chain

GEO4A provides information services to companies in the agricultural value chain. Our services integrate satellite Earth observations with existing measurements and business insights to support our clients in their growth targets.

“GEO4A’s mission is to boost operations and enable innovative solutions in the agricultural value chain through information exchange and the integration of satellite Earth observation technologies.”

We closely work together with experienced companies and organizations in the Earth observation industry which enables us to have access to the latest data and technologies.   

It’s all about potatoes

GEO4A is based in the Emmeloord region where it is all about potatoes. GEO4A has a specific focus on this sector and supports companies by developing highly specialized services. Examples include:

  • (Potato) crop type mapping
  • Field size verification
  • Growth monitoring
  • Soil moisture levels
  • Vitality assessments
  • Yield forecasting


Our technology

GEO4A offers a self-service hub that allows to connect and integrate a suite of Earth observation based information products to compliment and strengthen related business solutions.

Our system is based on advanced Big Data IT back-end infrastructures and allows quantification of the performance of the specific issues ANYTIME/ANYWHERE.

Our solutions

GEO4A information solutions can be accessed by two types of interface solutions, namely:

  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Dashboard solutions

API ports are made available to users to integrate the GEO4A services within their current IT infrastructure. This interface solution enables the building of access platforms for internal operations or can be used to build new service platforms for customers.

Dashboard solution allows companies to establish internal/online web platforms for user friendly interaction and presentation of the information solutions.

Our benefits

“Getting the right information in the right format at the right time!”

GEO4A offers fast, direct and standardized access to Earth and value added data streams and thereby:

  • Increases efficiency
  • Increases operation capacities
  • Enables business prospects
  • Enables new services

that can rapidly respond directly to user driven market demands.


Last week Thursday, 16th May 2019 the new Geo4A office was opened in Marknesse, Netherlands. Our managing director Paul Oomen welcomed guests from the Earth observation sector and the potato industry.

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It's all about potatoes! We are delighted that GEO4A is featured in the latest edition of the Aardappelwereld magazine. Geo4A will deliver new services, that will help to mitigate several challenges faced by potato industry, from storage to disease monitoring, while increasing logistics and trading…

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Our colleague Dr. Eva Haas has been invited to be part of a roundtable panel discussion at the ESA Earth - Φ-week event on 13th November. The ESA Earth - Φ-week is focusing on EO Open Science and Future EO and is hosted in ESA-ESRIN from the 12-16 November 2018.

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With the successful Launch of the EOPLUG-IN in July the EOPLUG-IN services are now in the next stage: Dr Eva Haas and Dr Sam Barret will bring the satellite data to the potato fields in week 45! 

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Europe has the highest level of potato consumption in the world at almost 90 kg per capita per year, and is the second largest potato producer globally with some 53 million tonnes harvested annually.

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