Making practical use of data.
That’s what we do.

In a world that is rapidly changing and digitizing, #agribusiness as a huge industry-sector and responsible for feeding the planet cannot be left behind. #GEO4A offers revolutionary data insights to your business. When fewer people must do more, it requires smart solutions.

GEO4A collects, processes and quality controls real-time in-situ and satellite observations. Meteorological and potato growth models are brought together into practical objective information for our clients.
This information helps with strategic as well as daily decisions, such as monitoring the growth development of the potatoes and the analysis of parcels, varieties, and regions. As a client of our smart solutions, you will receive precise and clear reports of key values on a field level. By using our data and technological solutions you have direct and online access to this information. This will speed up your operational processes, create more effectiveness in the supply chain, saves money and delivers immediate commercial benefits to your business.
We connect our objective information with practice and convert it into your Decision Support Systems (DSS). How?
We show you below.

We would like tot tell you mare at the #Potatoeurope2022 fair in Bockenrode.
You are welcome at our booth A13 in area Z