GeoVille visit us in Worldpotatocity Emmeloord

Last week, our agri colleagues from our mother company #GeoVille visit us in #Worldpotatocity Emmeloord. In addition to the internal business sessions, we also got to know the potato chain better. From breeding, growing, #precisionfarming, trading to packing potatoes. The good and in-depth discussions with our business partners enriched the knowledge and strengthened the bond between the #potatosupplychain, Earth observation and […]

Survey the fields

Potato season 2022 has started up. After planting, we survey the fields from our customers in Europe which we will monitor during the growing season.GEO4A services are based on the analysis and combination of satellite data, meteorological data, and field samples if available. In our processing and analysis we make use of innovative technologies such […]

Stageplaats voor kennismaking met GIS technieken

Zoek jij in de maanden mei en juni een mooie stageplaats? Heb je interesse in de agrarische sector en wil je kennis maken met GIS data en ga je graag aan de slag met de meest hightech hard- en softwareapparatuur?In het voorjaar start GEO4A met het in kaart brengen van de geselecteerde aardappelpercelen in 2022 […]

Vacancy: Project manager Agribusiness

Are you a hands-on team player who can independently initiate and execute different projects? Do you already have some experience and are you interested in the agricultural sector in the Netherlands? Are you the kind of person that ensures everything related to implementation, data and information is perfectly coordinated and clear? Are you up for […]

Forecast and advisory services

HARVIC aims to provide forecast and advisory services to potato value chain actors in the Benelux through Earth observations in combination with innovative in-situ data, enabling potato companies to better manage their raw material productivity and optimize business processes and operations. Take note of the summary which appeared on the ESA website. The purpose is described, the needs, the service, the added value and the current […]

Mapping potato varieties with satellite data

As GEO4A team we managed a great job togehter with the passionated and dedicated GeoVille’s agriculture team, in close cooperation with our client Breeders Trust! Doing what many believed to be impossible: Mapping potato varieties with satellite data. We had to develop an innovative proprietary Hyper-F technology to crack this nut.

Earth observation

In addition to the Earth Observation, we are also going to take regular test samples ourselves on a few plots.This as a learning curve for ourselves and as a validation for our HARVIC monitoring system.The results will be compared with the digital data from our GEO4A growth model and showed in our dashboard. #Earthobservation #potatoindustry


HARVIC aims to provide forecast and advisory services to potato value chain actors in the Benelux through Earth observations in combination with innovative in-situ data, enabling potato companies to better manage their raw material productivity and optimize business processes and operations. GEO4A aims to provide forecast and advisory services to potato value chain actors in […]

From data-driven to data-informed

As an organization, it is important not to settle for just data or just intuition. They are two sources that reinforce each other. What is the optimal balance? That is determined in particular by the state of technology. In areas where algorithms and artificial intelligence cannot yet replace intuition, it is wise to adopt ‘data-informed’ […]

New potato season

A new potato season has started. Meanwhile, we have made a field tour with our team during planting potatoes.Now we are mapping the first plots based on GPS-RTK technique. This serves as a basis for carrying out earth observation assignments of our customers.